Dothan’s Kathryn Bauman – Rubenstein Subject of Investigation For Targeting Alabama Judges and Their Families

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Kathryn Bauman aka Kathryn Rubenstein who operates the blog “” has been known for going after many judges and elected officials but is now may be under investigation for her own illegal activities.

Bauman emailed what appears to be stolen information on judges, their family members, including their social security numbers and financial information.

The Henry Report was one of the media outlets she attempted to share this information, but we declined. Once we noticed the depth of information Bauman originally sent us, we notified the judges we knew, local law enforcement, and the FBI.

Locally Clayton Police Chief Jamie Williams was given physical information that proves Bauman was sending across state lines that personally targeted Circuit Judge Burt Smithart and his family.

This is unacceptable. All of us here at the Henry Report strongly condemn Bauman’s actions.

Bauman has targeted my family by reposting links by her fellow activists John Burt Caylor and Ruth Nelson, who posted my mother’s physical address on their sites and stated that I threatened her.

She as well wrote about why I got married, which I promptly sent her what I thought was a respectful text asking her to stop doing this. She subsequently posted the texts alleging it was a threat. I asked a few of her former friends in Dothan who all told me she was crazy and I was told “if you understand crazy, then hell your crazy“.


Copy of my texts Bauman posted on her blog

My mother’s life was subsequently threatened while recovering from a stroke in a rehab facility in Dothan. Dothan police monitored the facility until we moved her home.

Additional targets of Bauman have been St. Clair County Judge Phil Seay, 19th Circuit Special Investigator Jeff Cobb, 20th Judicial District Attorney Doug Valeska, Dothan Judge Larry Anderson, Clanton Police Chief Rodney Barnett, Chilton Co. Sibley Reynolds, Chilton Co. Sheriff Kevin Davis, Chilton Co. Deputy Shane Mayfield and his family,  Houston Co. Judge Kevin Moulton,  Houston Co. Judge Brad Mendheim, Tallapoosa Co. Probate Judge Leon Archer, DHR Director Nancy Buckner, Shelby Co. DHR Employee Ashaka Evans, Chilton Co. Probate Judge Bobby Martin, and members of Region Bank’s Trust Dept., most have been notified of Bauman’s tactics. Per instructions we were given by the FBI in Mobile we immediately notified local law enforcement to protect Judge Smithart’s family.

It is our belief that Bauman, aligned with whoever gave her this information, is distributing it across the dark web in ways that are untraceable and will do permanent harm to these public officials she feels have wronged her, and “stolen her Father’s estate”.


From Bauman’s blog





To try to understand Bauman’s brand of activism read how she wrote about a judge’s testicles (I’m not joking) in this phrase,

he needs to take his silvered, saggy, pieces and parts, go home and sit on the front porch admiring the scenery.”

She initially posted the incendiary photo (on right) and then she later added a caption that this was not the judges….private parts in a separate photo.

In July when I disagreed with her interpretation of the James Bailey documents (later these were admitted to probably being forged by his own attorney), Bauman wrote,

When Carroll found out I too held documents that he thought were only for his own eyes in the James Bailey case, Carroll started freaking out and allegedly making demands on Bailey’s lawyer, Ruth Robinson back in March of this year.  At the time it didn’t make sense as to why he would be so concerned that I also had the same documents that had been shared with him.”

The documents I received came from multiple sources and were obtained legally. Bauman, of course, was not aware of this. Her paranoia deepened when she posted the following accusing me of working for Doug Valeska and the Attorney General. (Fair disclosure I have worked as an investigator for the state’s indigent defense fund which is technically under the A.G.)


Will JUDGE BRAD MENDHEIM pull as I expected; a screw job on the James  Bailey trial and his attorney Ruth Robinson? Robinson by and through a forensic handwriting expert exposed  documents as authentic that  Carroll had stated were forgeries and  the Attorney General picked up and ran with Carroll’s opinion in their railroading of justice.

No Bauman I simply voiced my opinion after a forensic analysis using Photoshop and examination of the metadata that the documents appeared to be forged. I have a web site, write opinionated editorials and post photos of the community. The FBI contacted me regarding the post and asked specifically how I came to that conclusion, and I explained my analysis step by step, emailed them the raw files, nothing I had was not publishing anyway. It was an opinion, and I stand by it. They appear to be forged. By whom and why is still a question I have. Bauman, when faced with an opinion or research that comes to a conclusion going against her personal interest, immediately cries wolf, alleges conspiracy and in this case alleged I was working for Doug Valeska…. yeah right.

The idea that I influenced the court or Attorney General Luther Strange in their decision against Bailey is ludicrous.

Bauman wrote what she did because she saw the Bailey case as a way to harm those like Valeska that she has targeted and claim stole her father’s estate.

But Bauman does more than just make incendiary statements and post pictures of men’s genitals. Bauman distributed stolen sealed expunged records of attorneys, Tom Smith and David Harrison, along with personal financial information on judges – this I can prove.

Where she got these sealed expunged documents is what I want to know.

One possibility is an individual named John Burt Caylor now on the run from US Marshals after having charges brought against him for publishing the documents that Bauman was distributing. Caylor published similar sealed / expunged files on a clerk in US District Judge Callie Granade in Mobile several months ago.

Caylor like Bauman fantasizes that the judges and prosecutors in Dothan are out to kill him. For what reason it is not clear. To the best of my knowledge hits are not put out on people like Caylor who believe there are UFO landing strips on Eglin Air Force Base transporting cocaine.

Bauman also weirdly believes there is a Russian mafia conspiracy to control Alabama.  She frequently will state the bear, the bear is coming, the bear is behind it. Not much I can comment about that other than a psych evaluation is probably in order.

A black bear though was hit by a truck two years ago in Henry County. That’s the only bear I know about in the Wiregrass.

Bauman tried to repeatedly have us publish a story and write about her multiple lawsuits and claims that District Attorney Doug Valeska and Arthur Medley along with two local judges including Burt Smithart and Kevin Moulton were involved in a complicated scheme to steal her father’s estate.

She alleged ABI hitmen were sent after her and followed her onto a plane when she was forced to leave Alabama.

I simply do not believe this conspiracy.

Several months ago I spoke with a Mobile-based British computer I.T. professional that she claimed helped her, Ian Wade after comments surfaced on our blog that he was a computer hacker secretly helping her obtain expunged documents. Wade denied he was involved in hacking for Bauman requested we please take down the comment from a reader.

Wade operates a blog that is an activist blog against the Houston county jail. Wade’s wife was convicted of murder by Doug Valeska. Hence we have another person that has an obvious grudge and motive.


          Emailed notice from Bauman asking for a retraction

Bauman, for now, has sent us a demand of retraction claiming her emails to our newspaper were private and we are besmirching her but she fails to state what part of anything we published that is untrue. By all means, please provide that information, Ms. Bauman so we can consider it.

Now you desperately want me to not make public your emails to our little newspaper and hours of audio tapes where you tell the wildest tales imaginable on a very long list of people? Tough its all coming out and I know damn well why you don’t want it to come out, because in

My response, still

                          My response, still unanswered

my opinion,  you have committed multiple felonies. Based on this action we feel motivated to reveal further forensic information where she appears to be trafficking in stolen documents from the Houston County Court, targeting employees of a federal judge, going after lawyers who are tied to her case by revealing stolen expunged information, and now us.

The question we asked still stands is it legal for her to be emailing journalists and bloggers stolen personal information on judges and their families?

Stealing someone’s personal information that’s protected by law on a sitting circuit judge like Burt Smithart and further targeting his children, being deplorable is an understatement. Below is a copy that is heavily redacted of the type of reports she was seeking distribute on the internet. Hopefully the FBI can determine where she got these reports. Using them to personally attack judges in Alabama may well constitute a domestic terrorism charge as well.judgereport Bauman shared her reason for all of this as she claims the signature on her father’s will and trust was forged. I think it is a reasonable conclusion that when she attacks the state’s judges involved after a court decision did not go her way financially, it is clear motive.



I’m no political fan of Smithart and don’t expect a Christmas card, but my disagreement is about whether Will Dickerson was treated fairly and how he refuses to allow competing for bail bond agencies is legal. I wrote him a terse letter, subsequently filed a complaint, and the state made their call, we have respected that, end of story. He is still the circuit judge, I respect and will speak to him politely when I see him.  It’s also I think important to realize that Burt is also just a guy that likes Alabama football, loves his family and deals with the cards life has handed him well.  He’s still a human being, and in his own way trying to do good in the world in a very tough job. Will we wave or shoot each other birds when we drive past each other….Im not sure since we agree on football teams it will likely be a nod, but you can bet your ass I will say, your honor when I see him, he deserves and has earned that respect.

The real problem with people like Bauman is they have personal axes to grind and underlying financial motivations. In Bauman’s case, if she was truly objective, she would not be writing much less distributing stolen information about a judge and his family when the judge is assigned to her family’s estate’s case. This along with criminal tactics undermine her credibility.  In her case, she jumps on the bandwagon of every case the past 12 months that in some way portrays those she imagines have victimized her. This is not an effective way to fight corruption.

This is not an effective way to fight corruption.

I get the fact she feels slighted, but for over a year in all that she has shared with us (mounds of documents) no one here can see where she is right about anything.

Consequently, no lawyer will take her case.

Smithart, Valeska, Seay, Reynolds, Anderson, Moulton, Anderson, Mendheim,Granade and Valeska all deserve immediate assistance, as do other judges across the state that has been targeted by her operation based in New York. Bauman should be prosecuted and forced to reveal where and how she obtained stolen expunged court records and judge’s and their family’s personal financial information. This is not leaking public documents nor journalism, its straight up identity theft.

But please Ms. Bauman if you desire to sue us for writing this editorial  and expressing our opinion, by all means come on down to Barbour County and look those in the face whom social security numbers you stole and sent out over the internet. There is a van waiting for you I suspect, headed straight to Tutweiller.

Kathryn Bauman-Rubenstein if you have got legally obtained documents and willing to do the investigative work to reveal corruption in Alabama then by all means do it, but don’t post fake genital photos, don’t steal social security numbers and target judge’s children.

If that’s all you got then just STFU.


Below are more of Bauman emails indicating she is distributing sealed expunged court records across the internet using an encrypted email server and was distributing parts of James Bailey’s case that she was promoting. 


screen-shot-2016-11-06-at-5-29-26-pm screen-shot-2016-11-06-at-5-29-53-pm screen-shot-2016-11-06-at-5-30-37-pm

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